Voice Spots is up and running with a whole new look!

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to look over my newest version of Voice Spots 2.0!  I decided it was time to bring my site into a more effective medium that would allow me to keep in closer contact with clients and those of you who may be interested in looking into voice over as a career choice.

It’s not unusual for someone to ask me if they can “join my team” or “get onto my site” since they are already in the business and looking to populate as many sites as possible with their demo. 

What I normally do when someone sends me a demo is to keep it in a file, and when a client contacts me looking for something I just don’t do, I’ll check my demo file and see if I can turn them onto someone who will meet their specific needs. 

There’s also the person who’s just interested in the business and looking for information on how to get started.  Since I had some great advice when I was just starting out, I’m happy to return the favor and pay it forward for someone new.  So, in the future, I’ll use my site as a blog of sorts, to give some pearls of wisdom that I’ve experienced over the years to help aspiring talent reach their goals. 

So check back often, I’ll offer some quick tips on what I’m doing, and how it may work for you.  I’m also planning on embedding some future video clips during an actual session so you can get a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes. 

Thanks again for stopping by, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in!